Saturday, August 30, 2008

Now Recommending SplashShopper for iPhone

They did it! Now that Splash Data has launched an iPhone desktop version, making setting up and syncing the device possible AND adding great sorting capabilities I can wholeheartedly recommend the SplashShopper application for iPhone. And I can add another recycled Treo to the Treo graveyard in my desk drawer. Wahoo!

For all you iPhone users, SplashShopper can be had (assuming you've downloaded the new OS) from main screen App Store. You will need an iTunes account to purchase it. At $9.99 it really is a steal. It will totally streamline your grocery shopping. The Books, Wine, and Gifts lists are also quite helpful for jotting down wines you enjoy, books friends have recommended and gift ideas as they come to you.

I'm confident you'll get as much out of it as I do.

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