Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Best Commercial Dilly Bean

Meet the best commercial dilly bean known to Pinch.

Hot and Spicy Pickled Crispy Beans have been a staple in the Pinch pantry for years. We first discovered them in Seattle when they were under the Hogue Farms label. Hogue Cellars, a Washington State winery, spun off the veggie business in 2002, selling it to the man who had been heading it up all along. So, same product, different label. And, bless us everyone, they are available nationally.

With the singular exception of trying to replicate Marija's Amazing Pickles, I don't put up veggies. I have great esteem for those who do. Nothing tops the goods from expert canners. Maybe someday I'll get my act together and put up my mom's green tomatoes, Marija's pickles and some spicy dilly beans. For the latter, a recipe via The Crispy Cook looks promising.

Until the genesis of Pinch Canned Goods, I'm with Jack; I'll trade my cow for these beans any day.



Rachel said...

Pickled string beans are a delight cut up over salads in the winter when my garden is but a memory and the supermarket produce is less than inviting. I am not a fancy cook by any means, but I do can these dilly beans up each year so we can enjoy them. I had the benefit of a canner buddy to show me how to do hot water bath canning, and it's not all that hard if you have the basic ingredients: big kettle with rack, jars and lids, hot jar lifter and magnetic doodad to lift the lids out of their water without touching them with your hands. I encourage you to try it someday!

Katie Fairbank said...

crispy cook! i feel encouraged! plus it's always fun buying new equipment. I should find a canner buddy too - that would help. how many jars did you put up?