Monday, March 2, 2009

And the Winner is...

....catherinelisa who correctly chose cake #7 - an almond cake with Amarena cherries and mascarpone mousse filling. It is finished with a white chocolate band and white chocolate corneli on top. This cake was made in early June 2000, and was one of the first cakes I photographed. Well, that's partly true; I have older photos of wedding cakes but I didn't want to use those here. Congratualtions, CL!

Thanks, everyone, for playing and for all the birthday wishes. And I didn't even have to throw Pinch a party at Chuck E. Cheese like Andy suggested! But I like the mental image of Pinch cracked out on complex carbohydrates, scampering around the arcade, and having a birthday meltdown when SeƱor Cheese didn't make his promised appearance.

The cakewalk down memory lane was fun for me - remembering the people they were made for in Telluride and Chicago. Pinch has certainly helped recover some of the lost love for layered cakes. But the celebration is over - it's back to cooking that sensible food we love so much. Next up: jicama!

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