Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Thank goodness for sprouted wheat bread. It's wonderfully delicious and nutritious. My children have eaten it their entire lives. I'm thankful for any opportunity to squeeze a bit of protein into their diet, and the bread I buy at Trader Joe's has 5 grams per slice. They love it toasted and slathered with peanut butter and honey, or with cheddar cheese or avocado slices. And at breakfast time they enjoy it as French Toast, shown here.

Now, truth be told, they really LOVE French Toast made with a good sourdough (they got their Dad's sourdough gene intact). But that's something to be enjoyed more on a once-a-month or occasional weekend. Using a nutritious bread for the basis means I can send them off to school or camp well-fueled, not just fed.

All you need are the basics: an egg, some lowfat milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract and butter for the pan. I keep a mesh tea immerser in my container of powdered sugar for dusting. A couple of shakes and you'd think I had given them a bowl of Skittles for breakfast. I don't do the sugar bit every time - and I didn't do it when they were small. But I did travel with French Toast sticks frequently. They're a great finger food for kids on the go.

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