Monday, August 31, 2009

What Julia taught me

I saw the movie. Of course I saw the movie! It's about Julia Child, impossible-not-to-love Julia Child, AND food blogging. I liked it a lot - the parts about Julia more than those about Julie - tho the kissie pooshkie between Julia and Paul (I always do enjoy Stanley Tucci!) felt like watching grandma and grandpa getting it on. And, really, who wants to see that?!?

Everyone who asks me my opinion of the movie also asks how much an influence Julia Child was on my cooking career. And what I say is this: indirectly. While it's impossible not to feel gratitude for the road she paved or impressed with her life's work, it (her life's work) just isn't my bag, baby. I like more simple, less contrived food. Fewer steps, fewer ingredients. And while I do love butter (and totally agree with the meteor-hitting-the-earth-in-30-days-so-I'm-totally-spending-it-eating-butter philosophy) I really do feel that butter is a cheap thrill, and often an easy way out. My bag is leaner, not to mention more seasonal and regional, and mainly a lot less involved. I just don't DO that much to the food we eat, and I feel my life is the richer for it.

Follow this link to walk down memory lane with Julia Grownup.

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