Sunday, January 3, 2010

Eating well when there's no time to cook

I enjoy planning a good meal, shopping and spending time in the kitchen. But sometimes time doesn't allow for that. I had one such evening last night. It wasn't that I didn't have time, but I've been down with a head cold and just not really up to the task of making dinner. But, with a nice piece of salmon on hand, some fresh green beans, mixed greens and a dusting of jerk spice, we had a really easy meal that only required me to get vertical for about twenty minutes. It's not terribly inventive, but eating this way beats eating out (for those watching their waistlines, arteries or wallets).

Another idea is the one shown above, concocted with frozen shrimp, leftover pilaf rice and some sauteed onions and peppers. I tossed it all up in a skillet in the galley of a sailboat last week and finished it with a spot of Caribbean hot sauce. Again, I wasn't without time - I just didn't want to spend much of it in the galley. Marina Cay Shrimp and Rice was really good, though I was obviously distracted, both by the hot sauce and the view. Just look at that water!

To pull together your own fast food, start with a protein that doesn't require marinating time or take too long to cook. Flank steak is a nice meat option, especially when you slice it prior to grilling or searing (flank cooks nicely on a hot cast iron skillet). Then add a salad and a side. Green beans sauteed with lots of garlic are super tasty.

Happy 2010!

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