Friday, March 12, 2010

Where Do You Keep Your Brown Sugar?

The Container Store: enemy or savior to the cluttered house? Discuss.

I'm on the fence. I have found several very practical items there. I love the glass juice pitchers and my nice looking short term storage boxes for my kids' school work and the wheeled, wire sports bin that lives in our front closet. But it's all so excessive, the buying of boxes to put your stuff into.

Anyway, on my last trip to TCS I came home with something I'm totally enjoying: an airtight sugar bowl. I popped a ceramic sugar saver in the bottom and have about a cup of brown sugar stored within. It's been a few weeks and it's kept the sugar perfectly soft. I keep the container out with my regular sugar bowl, salt cellar and pepper grinder. I buy most baking ingredients, brown sugar included, in larger amounts to accommodate the semi-professional work I take from time to time. During the winter oatmeal season, when I use brown sugar more frequently I don't enjoy tucking into a big plastic bag.

It's just the sort of unnecessary/awesome thing I often find at TCS.

As for the brown sugar saver it's a barely 3-inch round lump of terra cotta that you soak in water then leave in your brown sugar to keep it from drying out as is its wont. You can pick one up at Sur la Table, the purveyor of every awesome thing you want in your kitchen. Apparently, it's good for open bags of marshmallows, too. The sugar saver, not the purveyor.

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