Friday, April 23, 2010

Taste Test: Tonno Tuna

The pickles were quite nice, in case you were curious. I made them with about half the amount of sesame oil and a very generous pinch of chili flakes.

In other news, it was a good week for tuna sleuthing. All it took was a word from the family tuna expert. No, not a, "I know a guy..." kind of word. I live in Chicago. I know my own guy. The word in this particular case was tonno. When I added tonno to the "tuna packed in olive oil" Google search, it quickly produced some leads. Turns out Chicken of the Sea introduced a brand of Italian-style tuna a few years ago. The brand is called Genova.

Genova makes a solid light (yellowfin) and a solid white (albacore) product, packed in olive oil or water. I'm only interested in the olive oil ones. The solid light isn't terrible (it's actually the same stuff I tried a few months ago from my local Treasure Island. Chicken of the Sea's online product search says it's also available locally at Dominick's). The one I want, the solid white, is not available in Chicago (or Seattle, or Denver). It is, fortunately, sold across my ancestral grounds of Westchester County. Which means after our annual summer visit I'll be the annoyance trying to pass thru security with a case of tuna on my person.

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