Friday, June 20, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons

If there’s one thing I know it’s that no one leads a charmed life. Everyone gets lemons, some more bitter than others. It’s our reactions that differentiate us.

Today I'm thinking about smaller lemons. Lemons we might one day laugh about. Lemons that can be turned into lemonade.

What about when a spoonful of sugar isn't quite enough? My good friend was a teetotaler until she had children. I bet every mother can relate to the image of a perfectly capable woman overpowered by two average toddlers. I sure can. No mother is practically perfect in every way like Mary Poppins. How did Ms. Poppins unwind after tucking in Jane and Michael each evening?

I’m easily amused by drinking references. The above exaggeration of being driven to drink to combat parenting stress makes me chuckle. I have two other favorites, one absurd: “Would it be bad for our marriage if I started drinking in the morning?” the other a bit wise: “When life hands you lemons, get some tequila and invite me over.”

To be sure, teetotalitarianism* has its place. And spiked lemonade won’t mend a broken heart, improve a bad situation or help you navigate the toddler years. The suggestion that it could is laughable. Having a friend to invite over who will listen to your sad story, commiserate and then encourage you to get back in the game is the ticket.

Tequila won't really help with lemons. But it does make me laugh.

* Tee•to•tal•i•tar•i•an•ism [tee-toh-tal-i-tair-ee-uh n-ism]
1. A made up word to describe a government that does not consume alcohol or tolerate parties of differing opinion.
2. How Pinch would characterize the presidency of George W. Bush.

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