Friday, October 17, 2008

Best Recipes for Fall

As much as I love (LOVE!) summer there's always a bit of excitement in the Pinch kitchen when a new season blows in. I've spent the last week enjoying hot tea and warm soups, and even have a batch of maple sugar cookies on the way.

I've also been writing more recipes and have added some seasonal favorites to the recipe catalog. Perusing my personal cookbook is like looking at old photos and recalling events in need of a sequel. Like going to Hawaii. Autumnal bliss only lasts so long. I'll be itching to get out of Dodge as soon as the Bitter Winter Ice Queen rears her ugly head.

Anyway, the trip down memory lane has allowed me to bring some foods back into rotation. Tortilla Soup and the always stupendous Flank Steak Sandwich are two items I haven't made recently. Fall foliage and temperatures always make Chili (shown above left) a warmly received dinner, all the better when the recipe has been pinched of unhealthy fats.

Other newly added recipes I highly recommend are Lentil Soup, a fantastic Chicken Soup with Rice and, for the adventurous shopper, Miso Soup.

Recipe reorganization within RECIPES & MENUS will help you find healthy meals for you to enjoy throughout the year. Happy soup season.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout-out to Cathy and Patrick on the lentil soup!

In your recipe, why do you add the sauteed vegetables after the lentils have simmered? Is it just so that they don't totally melt? I start with the saute, then add the lentils and water and call it a day. The veggies pretty much disappear, and while my kids are good vegetable eaters, I think that's probably an advantage as they can't be left behind.

Katie Fairbank said...

didja catch the bloomberg shout out on my news column?

yeah, i kinda dig being able to SEE my veggies, but totally get hiding them as well. in this house, tho, i've already lost everyone at LENTIL, so there's no reason to not do it your way. i wonder if you get more flavor by tucking in the aromatics sooner??