Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How Do You Store Your Coffee Beans?

Metropolis told me just to store them in the dark,valve bag in which I bought them. They said it shouldn't be airtight.

Peets aggreed about storing in a dark container but disagreed about air, advocating an airtight container as the best storage option. They sell two models in the North Ave shop.

Both retailers were quick to pronounce temperature extremes as a bean's sworn enemy. One particular counterperson was ready to throw down when I mentioned reading a proponent of refrigerator storage.

Starbucks founder Jerry Baldwin recommends storing beans that will be used within two weeks in the fridge, and storing in the freezer for longer periods. He doesn't like air tight containers as they trap air in. He suggests bagging beans and squeezing out as much air as possible.

Personally, I keep my beans in the bag in which I purchase them (these days from Peet's in a valveless generic bag). I buy about 3/4 of a pound every week, on Thursday afternoons when they arrive at the store freshly roasted.

More time to kill? Read Baldwin's thoughts on the subject.

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