Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Simple Country Breakfast and Seasonal Dessert

I have a new favorite bread from the Green City Market. Well, from Bennison's Bakery, which comes to the market from Evanston. Last summer we were totally committed to Bennison's ciabatta, which is the best in the city. I've grumbled before about the dearth of fabulous bread in Chicago. If it weren't for the good folks at Bennison's, I don't know what I'd do. The bread pictured here is their miche - kind of a French classic country bread that was popularized by Lionel Poilâne. Midwest bread lovers would find Zingerman's pain de montagne a comparable loaf.

What I love about miche/montagne is the deep flavor, dark crust, and caramel color, which is always visible because it's sold by the quarter. The whole loaves are large - Zingerman's boasts theirs weighs in at nearly four and a half pounds . Bennison's loaf is much less dense, but still, a quarter is all you'd want. Why don't they just bake it in a smaller size? The bread realizes its maximum potential when baked in a larger loaf.

This morning I brought home a dozen farm eggs and the miche and had a delightful breakfast of the two. I've been enjoying my granola so much lately that it's been awhile since I had an egg for breakfast.

Abounding at the market were strawberries and rhubarb. A cobbler is in the cards. That recipe will be forthcoming.

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joannek said...

Pasticeria Natalina on Clark and Balmoral has just started with a new artisan bread baker. Breads available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Will try them out and let you know.