Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why You Should Participate in Kids Restaurant Week

We've never participated in this before, believe it or not. But we're around for it this year and I'm starting to make reservations around town.

It's so important to practice eating out with kids as it really enforces table manners and good public behavior. And exposing children to a variety of different foods and presentations is it's own valuable lesson.

When our children were smaller I found it far easier to practice both manners and variety in the comfort of our dining room. It seems to have paid off fairly well. What they lack for in terms of being adventurous eaters they make up for in ability to sit in a chair and make appropriate contributions to the conversation.

Some of the Chicago restaurants I'm most excited to see participating: Bistro 110 (I hear only praise for Chef Dominique Tougne's food), newcomers Eve and Big Jones, and One Sixty Blue.

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April D. said...

We loved this last year - enjoyed Blue Water Grill (sadly no longer around) and Topolobampo. The kids really enjoyed top notch service at the latter - I think it inspired them to try some new (even spicy) dishes!

Unknown said...

Hi Katie! Sounds like fun! Wish I was there! I actually think kids can be adventurous eaters AND have good table manners and intelligent conversation - we're still working at it, but I don't want to think it's a tradeoff! If you find something yummy, maybe we can go - I think we may be in Chicago around August 5 or 6 - maybe some birthday celebrating???

Katie Fairbank said...

A - Oh, I wish I hadn't missed Topolobampo! Still haven't been there - just Frontera Grill. Am v excited about Bistro 110 - do you know the Tougnes?

K - I agree! We're working on it too. We've had a few restaurant meals that beamed a spotlight on the areas that needed work (ordering something other than pasta; using an "inside voice"; and generally keeping from spazzing out about anything). August in Chicago?!? Lucky me!