Monday, October 5, 2009

Gasp! Gourmet Bites the Big One

This makes me so sad! I've been enjoying Gourmet so much for the last year. There was a long while where I didn't feel it met my needs as a healthy gourmet cook, but lately they really had my number.

So many nagging questions...What will Ruth will do next? (Could she possibly have another tell-all left in her?) Will they keep the online site? What happens to all the gift subscriptions I just bought thru my children's school magazine drive? No, really...who's gonna pocket my cash?

Oh, Gourmet! You were nearly 70 and I was just starting to love you.


Jessica Paul said...

I am SO sad about this... and shocked! Gourmet is my FAVORITE magazine. I would be more excited for it to appear in my mailbox than even my Us Weekly! So depressing...

Katie Fairbank said...

I know! So crazy - this Death to Print Media is PERSONAL!