Monday, March 10, 2008

How to Pinch

Thanks – so much – to all who visited, subscribed, emailed and left comments this past week. My favorite part of this effort is the conversation. It’s been such a pleasure to be a part of.

I’d like to take a moment to address the top three questions that came up via email this past week.

Comments: There have been several questions about how to leave a comment. The bottom of each post (in the main column) looks like this:


If you click on 2 COMMENTS a screen will open up for you to add a comment. You also have to enter a code which proves that you are a human being, and not a spam-bot. Sorry about that. Not my rule.

Please leave comments! Share what you know!

Subscribing: There are three ways to subscribe to Pinch: via email, in a news reader, or live bookmark. Each of these keep you up to date on what’s been written on Pinch.

If you choose good ole’ email, you’ll be emailed each time I publish something new (no email means no new content).

If you chose news reader you will be able to view a few recent Pinch posts from the comfort of your home page on Google, Yahoo, etc.

If you chose live bookmark, you’ll get a bookmark in your browser window that shows recent posts.

What the heck is a food mill? This was a popular question. A food mill is a hand-powered kitchen tool used to make purées. It removes seeds and unnecessary fibers via perforated discs and a hand crank. I use mine weekly, almost exclusively on tomatoes. I buy whole peeled tomatoes, or those fantastic fire-roasted ones, and purée them in the food mill before cooking. You can spend $20 or upwards of $100 on a fully stainless steel mill. I really couldn't do without one (and I've got the $20 version).

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