Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome to Pinch

Hello and thank you for being here.

Today Pinch makes its debut. This blog couples two things I really enjoy: food and talking. As I’ve been advised not to talk with my mouth full, blogging seemed an appropriate alternative.

Actually, Pinch is the result of listening. Listening to friends, male and female, lament not having enough time to plan, shop for, or cook sit-down meals. Listening to people who want to improve their own or their family’s eating habits but need a bit more know-how. Listening to the young woman in Milwaukee who…no, wait – that’s from someone’s campaign speech.

This space will feature my recipes and the food-related rumblings in my mind that I've come to recognize as brain activity.

Recipes and Rumblings will both appear in the main space (for print-only recipes, see the RECIPES & MENUS tab toward the top of the page.) You can also use the TOPICS sidebar to see what’s been written about a given subject. Another sidebar, MORE, is another venue for topics of interest at Pinch and offers a lot of recommendations. ENJOYING and TOO FUNNY offer insights and laughs, respectively (usually).

Can you digg it? Yes, you can! Look for the icon of the dude with shovel. Can you subscribe? You bet – via email or reader.

As this is new, please forgive the present photographs. My photos should improve swiftly once I replace the woodpecker in my camera.



Anonymous said...

Pinch me!
I was looking at the Tandoori Chicken with Cauliflower Curry and Naan. Yum. Any chance to get your take on a Cauliflower Curry that is good yet easy to make?
Beautiful site with tasty insight.
Thanks Katie!

Katie Fairbank said...

Dd - Cauliflower curry is now posted:

it rivals lunch at india house (downtown chitown for ye-not-dd)

Cheers, KF